Lose Weight With Less Exercise And With A Low-carb Diet

The gym is not the only place where you can lose weight but the kitchen as well. This article will discuss one of the ways to lose weight without going to the gym.

Lose weight in the kitchen

If you compare all methods and diets that are meant to lose weight, then you will see that they all have something in common. This similarity is always based on a negative energy balance. A negative energy balance means that you eat fewer calories than your body needs. To create a negative energy balance, managing your food intake can suffice. It is therefore not necessary to exercise to create a negative energy balance.

Some people think that you need to exercise to lose weight. Exercise will let you burn calories to create a negative energy balance. However, this negative energy balance can also be achieved by eating less. You can say that weight loss starts in the kitchen, even if you do sport.

Fat burning

In a negative energy balance, the body lacks calories to meet its daily energy needs. The average woman needs 2,000kcal daily, and the average man is 2,500kcal. These values are based on women and men who do not exercise. If there is a vigorous activity, the calories needs will be higher depending on how long and how intensive your activity. The body always needs energy; to keep the body at a temperature, for breathing, heart rate, coughing to keep out disease causing agents, etc.

With a negative energy balance, the body will use the fat reserves to meet the daily energy needs. Depending on the type of diet you choose, you can influence the degree of fat burning. Over the last few decades, it has become increasingly clear that a low-carb diet stimulates fat burning.

How does a low carbohydrate diet burn fat

A few decades ago, the general idea was that people need low-fat diet was to lose weight. That also seems logical, if you want to lose weight then you will have to lose body fat. This also explains why companies still sell products with fat. The general view is that a low-carbohydrate diet works better than a low-fat diet. The first who came to this insight was Dr. Atkins. The method he came up with became known as “Dr. Atkins diet."

Dr. Atkins was a cardiologist. He finds it frustrating that his patients hardly lost weight with the low-fat diet recommended at that time. Due to his observation, Dr. Atkins studied all kinds of research conducted to find out the effects of diet on losing weight. He then concluded that it is better to lessen the carbohydrate intake of his patients. With his low-carb diet, his patients did lost weight.

Principle behind the low-carb diet

Our body has three types of fuel: carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. You call these macronutrients. The body preferably burns carbohydrates to meet its energy needs. It takes the body little energy to extract energy from carbohydrates. If you eat few carbs, then the body can not get enough energy from carbohydrates. This causes the body to switch to burning fat. By limiting carbohydrates, you will force your body to burn fat.

The blood sugar and insulin

Another advantage of a low-carb diet is that the blood sugar level will have less fluctuation. Large changes in blood sugar levels cause the hormone to produce insulin in large quantities. This hormone is responsible for the body storing and holding fat.

If you have eaten a carbohydrate-rich meal, such as a plate of pasta or rice, then these carbohydrates will break into single carbohydrates: glucose. The blood increases the glucose which increases the blood sugar level. More carbs intake means higher your blood sugar level, and the more insulin is being produced. The type of carbohydrates we eat determines how fast the blood sugar level rises. For example, white rice, white bread, baked potatoes, pasta, soda, and sweet dishes cause a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. This will make the body more insulin.

Regulate the body"s insulin production

The body needs carbohydrates to remain healthy, so you must eat small amounts of carbohydrates in a low-carb diet. That is why it is important to ensure that the body does not create too much insulin. You can take care of this by eating carbohydrates that are being digested slowly. This results in a smooth and even release of glucose into the blood. You can find slow breaking down carbohydrates in whole wheat products like whole wheat bread and whole wheat pasta. You must avoid foods with fast breaking down carbohydrates. Replacing carbs with proteins is another way to make the low-carb diet easier. Another advantage is that proteins are digested slower, which means that you will not easily get hungry. Another benefit of protein is that it consumes more energy to digest than digesting carbohydrates.

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Lose Weight By Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy and quick way to lose weight

Watch your calorie intake

You have to limit your calorie intake. However, you are not likely to get enough nutrients with that limited amount of food. That is why you have to eat a variety of foods such as lettuce, pastries, carrots, bread or fries. With that variation, you will then get enough proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fats, which is a healthy diet. Also, there are temporary fast diets that temporarily deviate from the healthy diet which will cause you to lose weight quickly. They call it “crash diet." However, that diet is not healthy especially if you will keep it for a while.

Healthy lifestyle

Drink a lot of water

Your body gives a signal when you are thirsty; some people treat it as a pull or hunger. The best thing to do is drink a good glass of water. Water is also good for you, water does not contain any calories, so you do not get any, and of course, it helps prevent dehydration.

If you want to lose weight through sports, then it"s also smart to drink a lot of water.

Set a goal in how many glasses of water you should drink a day. Then force yourself to drink that amount of glass of water daily. This also automatically reduces the amount of soda and coffee you take because you have to achieve your goal

Lessen snacks

You are watching TV while on the couch, then all of a sudden you get hungry. Of course, you can open a bag of chips, but you can also eat carrots or slices of cucumbers. Put some flavor over, and you have a nice but light snack. Make sure you don"t overeat. Otherwise, it will not help.

Before sleeping

Of course, when you sleep, you burn very few calories, so it"s smart to eat your dinner few hours before sleeping. A healthy snack as mentioned above is an exception but, you still have to limit it.


There are many calories in alcohol that your body don"t need. Alcohol consists mainly of acetate which is a kind of acetic acid and natural fat.
Many people know the term ‘beer belly," which shows that alcohol has a bad reputation in terms having a slim body. So get rid of the alcohol so you can lose weight without exercising.

To conclude

Of course, it is possible to lose weight without going to the gym as long as you keep certain rules. Keep your progress, as this will keep you motivated until you reach your final goal. Weight loss with sports is of course also good for you; this is also better for your physical and mental health.

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Lose weight by eating more consciously

Learn how to lose weight by eating more consciously.

Being aware of what to eat is very important. The reason is your nutrition and how much energy you absorb depends on what you eat. Aside from its use as a fuel for your activities, your body needs energy for metabolism. Simply put, you take more energy than you need it will be stored in the body as fat, and you will become heavier.

If you absorb less energy than your body needs, you will lose weight. Only then will the body use stored energy (fat) for metabolism. The energy your body needs is taken from your diet and food and especially healthy eating.

Variety of food is important

For a healthy diet, variation is very important. Bringing a lot of variety into your daily menu makes it easier for you to get all the nutrients. No one food contains everything you need, and even in the right amount, but by eating all that you eat comes to a close.

Various food guides show what the basic foods are. By eating each dish from each of the five discs every day and taking into account the five lines you are eating, you are healthy! For useful information and tips, visit the other articles in this website such as an article about what you may or may not eat while on diet.

Be aware of what you are eating and moving because it is central to weight loss. Getting an active lifestyle is very important if you want to lose weight or stay healthy. The tips and information on this website will help you lose weight and keep on a healthy weight. Be mindful of your weight and remember that the person always wins when losing weight!

To get more and faster results with weight loss, you can try the Mental Diet Plan. Wish you the success with your fight against overweight!

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Lose Weight Without Much Exercise


Not everyone who wants to lose weight can go out to play sports. Not everyone can make time to play sports, much more make that activity part of their routine. The question then is how to lose weight and be healthy without exercising? Let"s assume that playing sports is only part of a strategy to lose weight and never the overall solution to the problem. However, the best method for your health is to combine healthy diet and exercise.


The first and more likely the most important thing is to determine that losing weight will only be possible if you do not take more than the daily calories your body needs. It seems like a simple equation, but there are also other foods that can help your body burn fats faster.

  • Don"t eat more than the daily amount of calories.
  • Drink at least two cups of green tea every day, as green tea contains a substance that helps prevent fat being stored by the body.
  • Eat fresh chili peppers regularly. Remove the seeds so that they are less spicy. Pepper has a substance that helps burn fat.
  • Eat a few grams of pure chocolate every day. This ensures that the blood vessels open up further allowing all substances to be processed better.
  • Eat foods rich in fiber every day. Oats or other cereals are not the only source of fibers but also brown bread from your local baker. You can also make raw food part of the meal and fruits. Juice is healthy but lacks the fibers.
  • Drink a mug of hot water with a spoon of honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon once a day

Eat variety of foods

  • Regularly take rice, falafel or lentils instead of potatoes.
  • Eat seasonal vegetables. For example, it was recently discovered how healthy kale is, and we know that raw sauerkraut, in small quantities, is extremely healthy.
  • Do not eat meat more than three times a week at the hot meal and no more than once a day for fish.
  • Drink a mug of green tea or a glass of water before eating. This helps lessen your appetite.
  • If you want something in between, take a glass of water, an apple or light crackers as a snack.
  • In the evening, instead of chips and the like, take a handful of unsalted nuts.

These foods are not just good for losing weight but for your health as well. Keep in mind that you will stay full with those varieties of foods.

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