Simple Ways To Stop Binge Eating

Some people sometimes suffer from binge eating. At such moment, you can eat a lot in a short time frame. When you want to lose weight, this is not good because this habit will work against you and will ruin your hard work and diet. If you eat such a meal in a day, you will have to struggle for days to get rid of all those extra kilos.

An insatiable appetite may occur as an addiction, often resulting from carbohydrate free diets. The urge to suddenly absorb carbohydrates (because of the lack of) is then so strong that suddenly one will eat a lot. In such situation, you will not be able to control yourself, and you will eat a lot. Also, certain feelings may cause increase appetite. If you feel sad, lonely or guilty, you can suddenly have the urge to eat large amounts of unhealthy food (snacks, chips or candy).

There are also many temptations today to eat unhealthy foods. Foods are presented on radio and television (often as advertisements) and at kiosks, train stations or gas stations. It is convenient to get them although they are very unhealthy. These foods will often not make you full, which means you will eat more unhealthy food.


The urge to binge eat does not always stem from a hungry feeling, but often there are other reasons.

  • Sudden hunger (physical)
  • Wrong habit
  • Negative feelings (for example feeling miserable or sad)
  • Hereditary
  • Following a diet
  • Temptations (when someone else eats or advertises on TV or radio)

Here are some tips to prevent binge eating:

Hungry feeling: Drink water or eat fruit. This will fill your stomach and will prevent you from binge eating.

Negative emotion: try to break it by doing something fun. Go hiking or read a book, or watch a nice movie. If you can"t help it and you want to eat, take a healthy snack or fruit.

Temptation: Do you see a TV advertisement about delicacies and snacks? Change the channel or do something else. Before you go out, make sure you have eaten well (breakfast) so that the urge to take something unhealthy while on your way is less than when you are hungry. Also, make sure you have food (bread and fruit), so you can eat this instead of unhealthy refreshments.

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Lose weight by eating more consciously

Learn how to lose weight by eating more consciously.

Being aware of what to eat is very important. The reason is your nutrition and how much energy you absorb depends on what you eat. Aside from its use as a fuel for your activities, your body needs energy for metabolism. Simply put, you take more energy than you need it will be stored in the body as fat, and you will become heavier.

If you absorb less energy than your body needs, you will lose weight. Only then will the body use stored energy (fat) for metabolism. The energy your body needs is taken from your diet and food and especially healthy eating.

Variety of food is important

For a healthy diet, variation is very important. Bringing a lot of variety into your daily menu makes it easier for you to get all the nutrients. No one food contains everything you need, and even in the right amount, but by eating all that you eat comes to a close.

Various food guides show what the basic foods are. By eating each dish from each of the five discs every day and taking into account the five lines you are eating, you are healthy! For useful information and tips, visit the other articles in this website such as an article about what you may or may not eat while on diet.

Be aware of what you are eating and moving because it is central to weight loss. Getting an active lifestyle is very important if you want to lose weight or stay healthy. The tips and information on this website will help you lose weight and keep on a healthy weight. Be mindful of your weight and remember that the person always wins when losing weight!

To get more and faster results with weight loss, you can try the Mental Diet Plan. Wish you the success with your fight against overweight!

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Lose Weight Without Much Exercise


Not everyone who wants to lose weight can go out to play sports. Not everyone can make time to play sports, much more make that activity part of their routine. The question then is how to lose weight and be healthy without exercising? Let"s assume that playing sports is only part of a strategy to lose weight and never the overall solution to the problem. However, the best method for your health is to combine healthy diet and exercise.


The first and more likely the most important thing is to determine that losing weight will only be possible if you do not take more than the daily calories your body needs. It seems like a simple equation, but there are also other foods that can help your body burn fats faster.

  • Don"t eat more than the daily amount of calories.
  • Drink at least two cups of green tea every day, as green tea contains a substance that helps prevent fat being stored by the body.
  • Eat fresh chili peppers regularly. Remove the seeds so that they are less spicy. Pepper has a substance that helps burn fat.
  • Eat a few grams of pure chocolate every day. This ensures that the blood vessels open up further allowing all substances to be processed better.
  • Eat foods rich in fiber every day. Oats or other cereals are not the only source of fibers but also brown bread from your local baker. You can also make raw food part of the meal and fruits. Juice is healthy but lacks the fibers.
  • Drink a mug of hot water with a spoon of honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon once a day

Eat variety of foods

  • Regularly take rice, falafel or lentils instead of potatoes.
  • Eat seasonal vegetables. For example, it was recently discovered how healthy kale is, and we know that raw sauerkraut, in small quantities, is extremely healthy.
  • Do not eat meat more than three times a week at the hot meal and no more than once a day for fish.
  • Drink a mug of green tea or a glass of water before eating. This helps lessen your appetite.
  • If you want something in between, take a glass of water, an apple or light crackers as a snack.
  • In the evening, instead of chips and the like, take a handful of unsalted nuts.

These foods are not just good for losing weight but for your health as well. Keep in mind that you will stay full with those varieties of foods.

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Lose Weight With Proper Slimming Diet

The following are some points for proper diet

  • Do not try to skip any meal
  • Eat meals slowly and chew your food well. This promotes digestion, and you will easily get full, which means you will eat less.
  • Alternate your meals. Use different types of bread on your sandwich. For dinner, choose a combination of fish, meat, vegetables, potatoes, pasta or rice.
  • Rest immediately after meals, so you will not be tempted to eat again half an hour later.

Good tip: Do groceries immediately after a meal when you are full. As a result, you will not buy unnecessary food. If you are hungry in a supermarket, you often buy too much (and also unhealthy) foods that you don"t need. Note: temptation is your biggest enemy. Try to avoid giving in to your temptations as much as possible. This advice will not just maintain your health but keeps your wallet happy as well!

Follow the diet schedule below:

Breakfast (7:00 – 8:00)

  • Two slices of bread (no white bread) with a thin layer of butter
  • Diet cheese
  • Lean meat (no more than 50gr)
  • Boiled egg (no more than 3 per week).


  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Skim milk

Snack (10:00)

  • One piece of fruit.

Lunch (12:00)

  • 2 or 3 slices of bread with a thin layer of butter
  • Skinny meat (not more than 50 grams)
  • Home made filet but then of course without mayonnaise, egg or oil,
  • Liver cheese (without fat edge, no more than 50 grams),
  • Fresh fish (100grams).


  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Skim milk
  • Any plate or cup of lean unbound soup.

Snack (15:00)

  • One piece of fruit.

Dinner (18:00)


  • 1 Table of lean unbound vegetable soup (if you have not taken it for lunch)

Main dish:

  • 100 grams of boiled potatoes / rice / pasta,
  • 200 grams of fresh vegetables (avoid white / brown beans, peas and bark),
  • 100 grams of lean meat such as poultry, veal, beef, or horse meat or 150 lean fish.


  •  One piece of fruit or a glass of water.

Evening Snack (between 20:00 and 21:00)

If you want to have something in the evening, do not eat unhealthy foods but choose one of the following:

  • 125 ml of lean yogurt with any sweetener (such as fruit juice)
  • buttermilk(125 ml )
  • skim milk(125 ml)
  • A cracker with a slice of lean meat or cheese

Tip: Do not go to bed after the last meal. Always make sure that there is a minimum of 2 hours between the last used snack and the time you go to bed.

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