Simple Ways To Stop Binge Eating

Some people sometimes suffer from binge eating. At such moment, you can eat a lot in a short time frame. When you want to lose weight, this is not good because this habit will work against you and will ruin your hard work and diet. If you eat such a meal in a day, you will have to struggle for days to get rid of all those extra kilos.

An insatiable appetite may occur as an addiction, often resulting from carbohydrate free diets. The urge to suddenly absorb carbohydrates (because of the lack of) is then so strong that suddenly one will eat a lot. In such situation, you will not be able to control yourself, and you will eat a lot. Also, certain feelings may cause increase appetite. If you feel sad, lonely or guilty, you can suddenly have the urge to eat large amounts of unhealthy food (snacks, chips or candy).

There are also many temptations today to eat unhealthy foods. Foods are presented on radio and television (often as advertisements) and at kiosks, train stations or gas stations. It is convenient to get them although they are very unhealthy. These foods will often not make you full, which means you will eat more unhealthy food.


The urge to binge eat does not always stem from a hungry feeling, but often there are other reasons.

  • Sudden hunger (physical)
  • Wrong habit
  • Negative feelings (for example feeling miserable or sad)
  • Hereditary
  • Following a diet
  • Temptations (when someone else eats or advertises on TV or radio)

Here are some tips to prevent binge eating:

Hungry feeling: Drink water or eat fruit. This will fill your stomach and will prevent you from binge eating.

Negative emotion: try to break it by doing something fun. Go hiking or read a book, or watch a nice movie. If you can’t help it and you want to eat, take a healthy snack or fruit.

Temptation: Do you see a TV advertisement about delicacies and snacks? Change the channel or do something else. Before you go out, make sure you have eaten well (breakfast) so that the urge to take something unhealthy while on your way is less than when you are hungry. Also, make sure you have food (bread and fruit), so you can eat this instead of unhealthy refreshments.

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