Is Getting Manicure and Pedicure Safe?

Getting nails done is a ritual that many of us participate in a beauty salon or our own homes, and although manicures and pedicures are generally harmless, there are some severe consequences if these services are performed using dirty tools or unsanitized foot spa.


Risks of Getting Nails Done

Recently, a close friend of mine concluded an unpleasant infection of staphylococcus infection after receiving a manicure at a local beauty salon and closed down due to this problem. I thought that would be a suitable article for studying what to look for in the manicure salons, what to order, and when you need to run so that your legs remain beautiful and free of infection.

If you go to a beauty salon to get manicures and pedicures, and the spa and foot tools have not been adequately disinfected, you risk getting infected. Small, minor abrasions or open wounds can pose a risk, and even shaved or waxed feet can recently allow the microorganism to penetrate the skin. During the service, if the cuticle is cut or shaved callus, small scratches on the surface can allow the bacteria to enter.

If you are wondering what you might get with a dirty nail tool or foot spa, the two biggest troublemakers are mycobacterial infections and staph infections, and other problems include fungal infections. I encourage you to alternate Google and use your imagination if you are curious about what they are. I will not go into these bloody details. But, honestly, they are not a picnic.

Listen to Your Gut

Always go with your instinct. If your arachnid feelings start to tremble when you enter the room, it seems sloppy, dirty, large volume or worn notes of instruments; this is a good sign that it is not worth it to economically make your pedicure.


Levels of Decontamination

We need to know three levels of decontamination. The lowest level is sanitation, which significantly reduces the number of microorganisms that cause diseases that are believed to cause the disease, and which are considered safe in the regulation of public health institutions. Disinfection is an average level that destroys microorganisms and most diseases that cause pathogens on nonliving surfaces and previously cleaned surfaces. And the highest level of disinfection is sterilization, which kills all living organisms in the object or surface.

Most salons will meet minimum standards and, at least, disinfect their tools. By the way, disinfection means the use of a product registered in the EPA, and contains the term “disinfectant.” This means that it is bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal, all good, as far as you are concerned. They should be disinfected for at least 10 minutes, which is an appropriate time for the product to be useful for cleaning bacteria.

Nail Care Tools

Nail tools work to make your nails look great, and of course, use for both manicure and pedicure. They scratch, shave, cut, process and, finally, grab bacteria in the process. Tools must be disinfected appropriately to kill any microorganism. These include files, cuticle cutters, tweezers, callus remover, scissors, nail clippers and all other small nail tools. Most of them are metal, and some are foam, wood or an emery board.

You would want to know whether your instruments were properly disinfected or, better still, if they were sterilized in an autoclave (which looks like a toaster and the tools are stored in small disposable plastic envelopes). And any other device, such as buffers or files, must be changed with each new client. Some salons give you a box if you often visit your files, while others provide you with tools like a small gift to take home. You should see how they take their tools out of the autoclave bag or feel free to ask whether the instruments are cleaned in the autoclave. Otherwise, determine if they have been washed with an appropriate disinfectant for at least 10 minutes (this is the time it takes to kill the bacteria effectively). If they break any tool that looks like a rag, grab your bag and go. Keep in mind that pumice stones cannot be cured, so bring your own or reduce this part of the service.

Always Choose the Best Salon for You

The great news is that the excellent nailing salons of the world rejoiced and adopted new cleaning rules so that their operations could restore a good reputation, as the broad generalization that is now being made about nail salons is that they are dirty. Those who are super clean are very proud that they are delighted with everything they do to keep clean. In fact, if you know a beauty salon and pedicures near me that meets the requirements and is super clean, comment it below!

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